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Decluttering & Moving Services In Toronto

Relieve Your Stress, Simplify Your Life.

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About the moving genie

Create a space you can’t wait to come home to enjoy

Life doesn’t ever stop throwing curve balls at us, does it? But your home should be a place of respite, peace, and calmness. But for too many of us, it’s just another source of anxiety and chaos. The Moving Genie helps people like you to enjoy a soothing, harmonious, beautifully organized home you can’t help but love.

How it works

A disorganized home can have a big impact on the rest of our lives.

It doesn’t have to mean a messy home, or a home you haven’t cleaned. But our busy lives often take over, don’t they? And if you don’t have a system for keeping your home organized, things just end up in whatever space you can find for them. Maybe they’re stuffed in a closet, or in a drawer. Maybe they land in the hallway, shoved to the side because your closet is already stuffed and full. But a beautifully organized home can not only make your home more comfortable, it can actually improve your mental health.

Our Services

Packing & Unpacking

Not sure where to put your stuff? Are your growing demands leading to a more and more disorganized home, but you don’t know where to start? Let The Moving Genie’s professional home organizing services help you build your beautifully organized lifestyle.

Moving +

Time to move, but overwhelmed with packing and unpacking? Have the kids moved on, and it’s time to say goodbye to the old family home? The Moving Genie takes all the hassle out of moving for you – move into a perfectly organized home without having to lift a finger.

Decluttering +
Estate Clearing

Have you got too much stuff taking up too much space? Or, has a loved one recently passed and you’re tasked with clearing their estate? Either way, The Moving Genie can help. We’ll help you get rid of what you don’t need, keep what you do, and keep everything clean and organized along the way.

Ongoing Household Organization

Sometimes, you just need someone to show you the way. But others, you need someone to keep you on the path. With The Moving Genie’s ongoing household organizing services, it’s like a personal trainer but for your home. We’ll keep you organized and on task, so you can focus on the bigger things.

Experts at Organizing

Why Choose
The Moving Genie?

Downsizing, organizing, and moving comes quite naturally to The Moving Genie founder Sage Goldenberg. Having moved herself over 30 times, she’s an expert. In planning and preparing for a move, downsizing, decluttering, and setting up a home for maximum efficiency.