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Stress-Free Home Selling: The Magic of Pre-Sale Pack Up

Before and After

One of our most popular services is the pre-sale pack up because it makes the rest of the preparation process much smoother.


I was recently contacted by a real estate agent who had a client that wanted to list their house fairly quickly to take advantage of the spring market. How quickly? They wanted to be on the market in under a week.


More so than some of our other jobs, they also wanted a little more collaboration as far as advice on furniture placement and converting closets back into bedrooms or offices.


This was a spacious three-bedroom home, but the main level felt tight and one of the upstairs bedrooms had been converted into a closet. The simple change of moving furniture on the main level gave the living room and dining room a much better flow, and clearing out the third bedroom revealed the true potential of the home.


I did a walk-through with the clients, offering them suggestions, and then put together a plan and an estimate for the presale pack up. We think of this as pack up date number one for the client. Everything they won’t need until they move? We send it to storage. This helps get them ready for staging, photographs, and listing, and means much less packing for them when it’s time to prepare for their move.


We were able to get this done on a Friday afternoon and then we were out of there, allowing all the other trades to do painting and repairs, for the stager to come in, and photographs to be taken so that by the following Thursday, it was listed on the market.


The couple selling the house are young professionals with busy lives and we were able to significantly reduce the stress for them. One of them runs their own business and has a lot going on. Even with our expertise and access to resources, it took our team a day to complete the task, so it would have taken them significantly longer.


The house was listed and sold under a week and for top dollar in one of Toronto’s top neighbourhoods.


If you have clients who are overwhelmed with the idea of preparing their home for sale, please introduce us!