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Ongoing Household Organization

What Is

Ongoing Household Organization Services

Have you ever signed up for a gym membership? Maybe it’s your new year’s resolution, maybe it’s the pants you’re having more and more trouble squeezing into, but for whatever reason, you decide it’s time to start getting healthier.

And for the first few weeks, it’s going great. But then, you miss a day. Then another. Before you know it, you fall back into your old habits. Maybe you’ve been here before. Maybe you relate.

Sometimes it’s hard to establish permanent, effective habits that stick. And it’s the same with home organizing.

For some folks, it’s enough to hire The Moving Genie to come in and reorganize. It’s just a matter of being shown some better habits and getting some support in the moment.

But if you need some ongoing support and accountability, The Moving Genie is still here for you. Think of us like a personal trainer, but for keeping you organized.

Ongoing Organizing

How Does It Work?

An ongoing service usually starts with organizing your space in whatever way you need, whether that’s moving, downsizing, or decluttering. That sets the tone for your new normal.

From there, you’ll get a personalized session once a month, once per quarter, or however often you need to keep things running smoothly.

Your professional home organizer from The Moving Genie will come to your home or business, review where things are at, and do the work you need to maintain things at a high level.

It’s easy to set new habits, but it’s a lot harder to maintain them. When life takes over – and it inevitably will – your new habits can slip. And when that happens, all the hard work you put into reorganizing your home can start to fall away. But an ongoing household organization service won’t let that happen.

The greater life’s stresses become, the more important it is to have an organized home. After all, our surroundings can heavily impact our mood and our ability to focus on what really matters. If you don’t believe it, go walk into a messy teenager’s bedroom and see how quickly your mood changes.

You might not let things go as far as that, but it’s still important to keep your home running as smoothly as possible. And The Moving Genie can help.

Need a little support to keep everything in order?

Book a consultation with one of our experienced home organizing consultants. We’ll listen to your concerns, and put together a plan designed to address them in a way that works for you.