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Resources for Moving & Organizing Your Home

On this page, you’ll find resources to get you well on your way to a seamless and organized moving experience.

It’s time to move

Get organized with our

Moving Checklist

1. Pre-Prep

Put Together a Moving Binder

Keep everything pertaining to the move in here for quick review. 

Research and Book Moving Companies

  • Get Recommendations
  • Resarch moving companies:,
  • Get in-home estimates: ensure you compare 3 – 4 companies for proper review
  • Ensure proper license and insurance in place

2. Packing

Prepare the Home

  • Declutter items no longer needed.
  • Arrange to sell items via online and in person .
  • Arrange donations and junk removal before pack up begins.
  • Make a plan to eat or discard food in fridge and freezer.

Pickup Moving Supplies

Boxes, moving tape, packing paper, box labels, bubble wrap 

Start Packing

Ensure boxes are properly labeled to make unpacking easier. 

3. Before Moving Day

Don’t Forget the Kids and Pets

Arrange for your kids and pets out of the house on moving day, if possible. 

Schedule Utilities Connection / Disconnection

A lot of this can be done online now. Check with your local provider. 

Book the Elevator

Moving to a condo or apartment building? This step is crucial. 

Update Your New Address

Canada Post mail forward, as well as a direct update to banks, doctor’s and utilities. 

4. On Moving Day

Take Time Off Work

At minimum, you will need to be onsite to oversee the moving day. 

Pack a Travel Bag

Ensure the essentials you’ll need the first night are easy to access. 

Schedule Services & Trades

Cable/internet, hydro, handyman for odd jobs. Ensure they are booked in advance. 

Experts at Organizing

The Moving Genie
Is Here to Help

Whether you’re planning to move, planning to reorganize, downsizing, or more and we’ll be happy to help you take your first step toward a beautifully organized home.