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The Moving Genie helps you maximize the value of your stuff

My team recently worked with a real estate agent who was listing the house of an elderly widower. His wife has passed away a few years ago and he had recently moved into assisted living — at the age of 100!

It was a big job. The house was full of stuff, including an unfinished basement filled to the gills with tools and other random objects.  Junk removal would have cost this client somewhere between $6,000 and $8,000 — and it would have all gone to the landfill.

Over two days, my team decluttered the junk and non-sellable items, mostly clothing, food, and books, all of which we donated where we could through various free services.

Although the things in the home weren’t necessarily modern or in high demand, there was still some value. We set up an auction on, an online auction company we partner with to help our clients maximize the value of their belongings and help them offset the cost of a pricy move or downsizing.

We sold over 97% of the contents and the sale grossed just over $5,500, which covered the cost of my team and 80% of the final junk removal, leaving my client with an empty house to sell and a minimal bill to make it all happen.

Make your next move your best move

Whether you’re planning to move, downsizing, declutter or clear an estate, The Moving Genie can help.